7 fathers, 1 daughter and 8 sons are going to take on the climb to the peak of snow-topped Mount Kilimanjaro. At approx. 5895 metres, the tallest mountain in Africa. Preparations are in full swing and the team is really up for it. And to make the challenge even tougher, they’ve decided to use the expedition to raise money for SOS Children’s Villages. By supporting SOS Children’s Villages, the trip will help give other children in the world a loving home. And by sponsoring the team, you’ll be helping SOS Children’s Villages provide children who have been left alone in the world with a loving family.  


For 60 years, SOS Children’s Villages has been ensuring that children left alone in the world can grow up in a loving family. We base our work on the vision that children have the right to a home and a good upbringing in a safe environment in their own country. Through our unique, family-orientated approach, some 340,000 children in 132 countries around the globe get a solid basis from which to develop themselves into independent adults with prospects. For more information: